Channel Development

Establishing and activating
a network of sales channels* into
revenue generating, mutually beneficial partnerships.

* (Managed) Services Providers, Distributors, Integrators, Consultancies, (Value Added) Resellers

About Channel Development as a Service (CDaaS)

CDaaS is an Aexus label. Aexus is the market leader in sales & marketing for tech and software companies.
CDaaS offers fully outsourced channel development, channel activation and channel management services for B2B Software and Tech companies.

Our team of experienced new business professionals has a very large existing network within the European and US tech, software, IT and SAAS sectors. And of course, they are highly experienced in developing and managing channels.

Thanks to our years of specialization in and focus on the technology segment, we also possess extensive market knowledge and have a deep understanding about the latest and most advanced technologies.

We work for

  • Companies that want to

    develop a channel for a new product or service

  • Companies that want to

    enter a new market

  • Companies that want to temporarily

    extend their channel development activities

  • Companies that want to

    completely outsource their Channel Development and / or Channel Management

  • Companies that have

    too few resources and temporarily need extra capacity

  • Companies that want to

    benchmark their own channel development team

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    We helped hundreds of tech companies, service providers and software vendors.

    Why Channel Development as a Service?

    More effective...

    CDaaS is run by professionals, who have extensive experience in the European and US tech and software markets and who posses a strong network of contacts towards the various channels (Distributors, System Integrators, Value Added Resellers, Dealers, Consultancies). Also, we know the corporate culture and background of many of these organizations and speak the relevant languages. CDaaS is headquartered in the Netherlands and has offices throughout Europe and the United States.


    Hiring or allocating new staff, training them and waiting for them to obtain the appropriate contacts and become acquainted with the market “specifics” will be a lengthy process.

    CDaaS is ready to start channel development, channel activation and channel management activities for your organization in Europe and the US immediately. Furthermore, we have direct access to the right contacts.

    Lower costs...

    Hiring dedicated staff to take care of your business in Europe or the US is costly, whereas the return on investment is still unknown.

    Usually, CDaaS charges a fixed fee + commission for its services. The retainer is low – it merely serves to cover CDaaS for skilling up and research requirements. The benefit for CDaaS is only realized when the specific goals have been achieved and business has been won.

    In any case, your costs in both relative and absolute terms will always be many times lower than if you allocated / hired your own staff or opened your own offices in the relevant markets.

    Lower risk...

    CDaaS is working with vendors in the most flexible manner possible: the agreement can be terminated at any time by either party against 30-days written notice.

    By working with CDaaS, you are able to “test” the market in the specified areas and wait with big, direct investments (e.g. opening your own office, extending your direct sales force) until your business is mature enough, thereby minimizing your exposure to risk.

    Our Channel Sales Methodology

    Identifying promising prospect partners and signing partnership agreements with these sales channels is only the beginning of the channel development process.

    The most important – crucial – aspect is to turn these engagements into revenue generating, profitable and mutually beneficial engagements.

    Therefore, our activities will always include direct sales / lead generation activities as well.

    Such a hybrid approach (consisting of both direct and indirect activities) will have a synergetic effect: the lead gen activities will lead to a more active, enthusiastic, engaged channel, whereas the involvement of local channel partners (that may have existing relationships in place with specific end clients already) will help close deals more rapidly.

    Executive team

    Maaike Voeten


    Roel Evers


    Thomas Blankvoort


    Anna Johansson


    Rutger Vonk


    Nick Mobertz


    Mikko Kansen


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    Channel Development as a Service. Establishing and activating a network of sales channels into revenue generating, mutually beneficial partnerships.
    Send us your details and we’ll get back to you to schedule a timeslot to talk.

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